Pierre Spalaikovitch


 "A Portrait of Dali"

"A Portrait of Gala"
     For Pierre Spalaikovitch a portrait is much more than a picture, it is a reflection on the subject's life. In his highly unusual approach the important events of a lifetime are not destined to illustrate the portrait, but constitute its very framework. Every stroke of the dry-point is telling the story.
     THE MANY FACES OF TRUTH was engraved in 9 copper plates of 10" x 8" (not precise measures). Each of these plates illustrates an important subject of, or event from, the life of SALVADOR DALI or his beloved wife, GALA. All 9 plates are printed on an etching press on 19" x 15" (not precise measures) paper. When all 9 plates are placed together and printed on the same press as a large print of 40" x 32" (Approx.) they combine into a portrait of Salvador Dali. If this not mind boggling enough, the same 9 plates placed together in a different order combine into a portrait of Gala. Then these etchings were hand-colored by the artist, except one of the small prints.

     The complete set includes 11 etchings; 9 small and two large and a booklet with text on the artwork by Brigitte Spalaikovitch, and full authentication.
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"Song of the Quanta"

"Iris Nebula"

"Unfailing Silence"

"Alchemy of Color"

"The Great Paranoiac"

"Quien Sabe"

"The Fishes' Revenge"

"Apocalypse of Salvador"

"Voices of Memory"

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